Arca is a wedding venue in the Port of Tel Aviv, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. The beautiful, central location and free guest parking make it exceptionally attractive.
Over the years, Arca had to compete with new venues. In order to establish it as the ultimate place for an unforgettable wedding, a need to refresh and update the branding and marketing materials of the venue arose. 
Rebranding the venue meant creating a new logo, with a clean visual lines and a graphic language that comprises light and airy colourfulness and flowing backgrounds, which create a connection between the sea, the light breeze and the wedding gown. A new, impressive and surprising internet site was created, alongside commercial banners that are shown on-line and a marketing presentation for interested couples, which assists the sales team.
Logo design and brand values
Parallax web site
Veiw website: www.arca.co.il
Planning and design of the new Arca website. Visiting the website simulates the experience of visiting the venue. The website takes the user through a tour of the venue, according to the order of the different areas and topics presented by the sales person. In effect, the website helps a lot in promoting and sealing the deal.  

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