The challenges:
Design a site that contains a lot of content and allows for different actions. 
Not to lose the organic promotion accumulated by Blue Wave old website. The new site was established and adapted on top of the company's existing site. In addition to a school and a sailing club, departments for renting and selling yachts in Israel and abroad were added.
All the urls remained as they were, titles and texts of promotional value remained and I as a designer walked between the drops and restrictions placed on my design decisions.
The site unites a number of different systems that also needed to produce integration and visual uniformity:
Blue Wave Sailing School and Club.
The learning portal - a separate system for the site used by the school's students
Yacht rental in Israel - by the two companies - a search engine that allows you to order a yacht for a few hours in Haifa and Herzliya.
Yacht rental abroad, and yacht rental in Cyprus - a much larger search engine including a smart results filtering system, saving favorites and more.
What did I do on the site?
I kept a clean and airy look and emphasized a clearer and easier user experience
I see great and critical importance in the header design of the site as a central navigation tool that accompanies the surfer on all pages. I separated the content and created two menus.
The main menu centralizes all the main content of the site and the secondary menu contains information that does not have to be primary.
Throughout the home page there is promotion and reference to the different areas in support of the main menu.
For the inner pages I have created a number of different templates:
Text page, blog page, article page, course page, club page and search pages for renting yachts in Israel and abroad.
In order to set up the search pages and adapt them to a system external to the site, in-depth ux characterization work was required. Plan the search engine visibility, filter menu, results pages that include various features and order pages.

Some screen shots from the desktop site
From my Xd project

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