The introduction stage
In the first stage, the client fills up a brief, by writing or by a conversation (it is possible to have a zoom meeting), in which I receive information about the business, the service or the product, what is importent for you to show and to tell to the world, who the target audience is, what the goals are and who the competitors are, etc.

The ideas stage
I will send a link with 3 different concepts for the logo, each one showing a different way of thinking, a different style, different colours, shapes and fonts. That is the best way to start having a dialog that will lead us to choose the desired design. (4-5 working days)
The dialogue stage
The chosen idea for the logo will undergo changes and adjustments, up to 5 repetitions and corrections. (This stage varies depending on satisfaction and accuracy, my response to each round of repairs is up to 3 working days).

The final stage
After approval of the finished logo, it will be delivered to the customer in any format required for its production - for printed products and online materials.
Now we are ready to move on to design for you a Style Guide, and a useful kit tailored for your own needs.
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