Logo design for Vertigo Restobar- Haad Rin Koh Phangan.

Restobar is a restaurant and a bar, it's a place to hang out, dine on fine Italian tapas, drink, dance and have a good Time. Vertigo, that's what sometimes happens after having a really good time.

The choice I made for the logo design relates very much to the owner's character, a power couple with lots of style, Israeli and Italian with a strong affinity for Italian fashion, fine food and the good life. They have been living in Hadrin for almost two decades. Owner of several food and fashion businesses.

It is also a type of personal logo.
It was clear to me that I was looking for a look that would look a bit like Versace, a secret from Gucci. A combination of fashion with a vertigo twist.
I had an idea to draw a girl lying on her back with her legs crossed upwards, so that the legs form the letter v. The Vertigo girl. In practice it seems an image with sleazy and sexist connotations.
I reduced the idea to a pair of inverted boots (we talked about Italy) built with a texture of lines that create a feeling of vertigo.
The Vertigo effect happens because the image is not absolute and clear, people see different things there.
The logo design involved a long dialogue and many trials and tests, but in the end we returned to an original idea in a more accurate way.
What do you see there?

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