While I was working on my site, regular maintenance and on the About page I wanted to put a picture of me. Unfortunately I do not have any professional shots and no photo that I like and feel complete with, Not from lately .
I do not like to be exposed and do not like the camera.
Since I've been working on portraits lately, I decided to illustrate myself. Self Portrait. It's not easy.
First Try
I selfied myself first thing in the morning, as I am. It was really interesting - I was really sucked in, but it's not it, I come out hard, heavy and older… The artistic decision was to be true to the original, but along with finding and emphasizing the beauty, to give a flattering perspective. To come out beautiful. encourage. After all, there is always half full glass. Put it aside.
Second attempt
Decided to work with the graphic language I have been formulating in for a while, a symmetrical illustration, clean, one color, maybe two. Not yet, not at all ...
Suddenly something new starts to happen there, the magic begins ...
Working on the lines, expression wrinkles produce an interesting inner flow, something organic and vegetative.
Continues, working in front of the computer camera, like a mirror, giving up the image. Accurate, Mishna wonders.
I love it, but it's not really me, not yet.
Lowers lines narrows, loves the result, in symmetry there is magic, there is some unique spirit.
Turns myself into a mandala, adds my prince logo cat. It's always good to exaggerate a bit
Would You like to see yourself as a vector art?

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