Shish Kebab

Authentic Grill Restaurant

About the Project
Shish Kebab: Authentic Grill Branding
For Shish Kebab, an elegant and minimalist grill restaurant in Koh Phangan, I created a logo that embodies the essence of their culinary offering while paying homage to their Oriental influences.

The design centers around a striking, geometric shape inspired by Moroccan architecture. This form serves as the backdrop for the restaurant's name, which is bisected by a slender skewer - an unmistakable nod to the establishment's specialty.

The logo's clean lines and sharp angles reflect the restaurant's modern, minimalist aesthetic, while the curving hook at the skewer's end adds a subtle touch of traditional craftsmanship. This delicate balance between contemporary design and cultural heritage mirrors Shish Kebab's approach to their menu and ambiance.

I chose a stark black and white color palette to emphasize the logo's elegant simplicity. This monochromatic scheme also allows for versatility across various applications, from signage to menus to branded items.
To complement the sleek logo, I incorporated textured cardboard elements in the branding materials. This adds warmth and tactility, evoking the high-end yet approachable nature of the dining experience.

The resulting brand identity is at once iconic and refined, clearly communicating Shish Kebab's unique position as a sophisticated grill restaurant with an Oriental twist in the heart of Koh Phangan
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