Babiz, a brand for homemade popsicles, containing fresh fruits and  vegan ingredients. The popsicles are made on the island Koh Phangan, Thailand, and marketed to restaurants and bars for sale mainly to tourists.
The challenge in developing an identity for this product was to create a logo which the customer (in most cases a casual tourist) will quickly recognize the branding, who will immediately understand that these are natural popsicles made from tropical fruits and that the product is suitable for all ages.
The logo was printed on a round sticker that attached to the product packaging. Through the sticker, the customer or seller will quickly recognize the desired taste, all while maintaining a modern, light, fun and fresh look.
The solution I chose for this logo consists of two, an icon of a popsicle in which is written the name of the product and its description, against the background of a face made up of local fruits. The fruit face is reminiscent of the giant figure from Thai mythology -In Thailand, a yak is a giant demon (ogre, colossus, monster, or titan) from the Ramakian. All together gives it a very local and tropical look, with some test of fun.

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